Create new user on rtCloud

Purpose: For reasons of security of information and reducing the overload for the device, only designated users can download and use a certain defined questionnaires.

Step 1. Go to Manage Staff

  1. Select Setting Up on sidebar menu
  2. Click on Manage Staff
  3. There are 2 methods to add staff:
  1. Fill in staff info right in rtCloud web interface:
  • Click button [Add Staff] to continue
  1. Import staff info using Excel file into rtCloud
    1. Download file ImportStaffTemplate.xlsx
    2. Fill in staff info in the downloaded Excel file
    3. Click button [Import Staffs] to continue



Step 2. Add Staff

A. Manual method:

  1. Fill in all necessary info of new staff.
  2. Click Submit to finish the user creation.



All fields marked with the red asterisk are required.


  1. This button is used to download the current staff list on rtCloud in Excel format.
    1. Username must be unique across the survey subdomain.
    2. Only letters (A-Za-z), numbers (0-9), and underscore (_) are accepted as password.
    3. Email must be unique across the survey subdomain.
    4. This code is used in rtSurvey App when user want to change device during the survey data collection (see Registering rtSurvey App with change-device code for more details).
    5. This option is to enable/disable the lock screen of rtSurvey App (see Lock Screen in rtSurvey App for more details).
    6. The pin code to use for rtSurvey screen unlock if lock screen is enabled.
    7. Users’ permissions in rtCloud and rtSurvey app are limited by their User Role (see Create rtSurvey User Role for more details).
    8. If the checkbox is checked, the new user will be defined as Supervisor with more authorities and responsibilities (see What is rtSurvey Supervisor for more details).
    9. If the checkbox is checked, the new user can request and automatically be granted the right to edit finalized/submitted instances (interviews/survey data) without any further approval from upper level (see How to edit finalized instances for more details).
    10. If you want to make a user temporarily inactive, just select Inactive. By default, Active is already selected.
    11. Click button Cancel in case you change your mind and don’t want to create new user any more.
    12. Click button Reset in case you want to re-fill in new staff info from the beginning.

B. Import method:

  1. Select Staff Template file to import.
    1. Select suitable import mode.


  • Skip mode means the users to be imported will not be created/updated if they already exist in the system. This mode will be selected by default.
  • Replace mode means the users will always be created/updated regardless of their existence in the system.
  1. Click Select file.
  2. Browse to the Staff Template file (filled in step 4b_ii)
  3. Click Open to confirm the selection.



  1. Click Import to continue.


  1. There will be a message informing the import result.
  • If successfully imported, the new account shows up in the list:


  • If unsuccessfully imported, system will inform the specific error(s):