Upload e-form into server

Step 1. Prepare neccesary form files

  • Form Def file is a excel file, that includes contain main questionaire (xls, xlsx, xml format).
  • Media files are image/audio/video files, that are additional content files for the main questionaire (JPG/PNG/MP3/MP4 format).
  • These files are <15Mb / each file.

Step 2. Create Form family in rtCloud server

  1. Select “Setting Up” on sidebar menu
  2. Click on “Create Form”
  3. Type family name at row [Form Family]
  4. Select Create form family


Step 3. Add form files into System

  1. Add form files into System using 1 of the followings:
  1. Drag & Drop method


  1. Browse method


Step 4. Declare form def & family media

  1. Excel file (Xlsform) will be set as Form Def by default
  2. Tick to define which media files as Family media
  3. In case you add wrong files, you can click the trash bin icon to remove the file from system.
  4. Upload family form to rtCloud



How to distinguish family media and form media:

  • form media are only used for the current form,
  • family media are used for all forms belonging to the same family.