Assign e-form for users

Purpose: For reasons of security of information and reducing the overload for the device, only designated users can download and use a certain defined questionnaires.

Step 1. Go to Form Access

  1. Select Configuration on sidebar menu
  2. Click on Roles & Permissions
  3. In tab Action Access, click on Form Access


Step 2. Get User List

  1. Switch to User if you want to assign forms to several users.
  2. In List of User, search Username/User Role/Fullname/Group/Phonenumber to reach the user accounts you want. After that, click on the radio box in the left of the user name row.

Step 3. Get Form Access List

  1. In Permission to access family, you enter Family ID/Form ID/Author to search the forms that need to be assigned for user. Form(s) are selected by ticking the checkbox(es) at the beginning of the form row(s).

Step 4. Assign Form to Users or User Roles

  1. Click Submit to finish this process.


  1. There will be a popup dialog shown up.


Please pay attention to the number in the brackets to make sure you assign enough forms to users.

  1. Click OK to confirm the assignment.


  1. There will be a popup message informing the assignment result.