Installing rtSurvey Mobile App

rtSurvey is available for both Android and iOS devices. You can install rtSurvey using one of the following methods:

  • Via Android app link:


  • Via iOS app link:


  • Via scanning QR code by an Android device:


  • Via scanning QR code by an iOS device:


Understanding permissions

The rtSurvey application requires permissions to access device resources.

If your device runs a version of Android below 6, you will be prompted to accept all of the permissions on app install.

If your device runs Android 6 or above, permissions will be requested as they are needed. For example, the camera permission will only be requested the first time that you try to take a picture. Once the permission is granted, you won’t be prompted again. If you deny the permission, you will be asked again the next time you try to access the feature that requires the permission unless you check “Don’t ask me again.” If you deny the permission, you will be shown a dialog explaining why the permission is needed.

The only permission that is required for using rtSurvey is the storage permission and it will be requested on first launch on Android 6+. Other permissions may or may not be needed depending on the forms and features used. The permissions that may be requested by rtSurvey are:

Permission Reason
Storage required for rtSurvey to be able to access and save form data
Camera required by image and video questions to capture new media
Contacts required to configure a Google account for Google Drive, Google Sheets submissions
Location required for location questions
Microphone required by audio and video questions to capture new media
Phone optional on form send to include deviceID in the submission and required for forms that capture device metadata

Changing permissions from settings in Android 6+

If you are setting up rtSurvey for someone who is not familiar with Android, you may want to make sure all required permissions are granted in advance. To do this, open the Settings application and tap on the Apps heading. You should now see a list of all your installed applications. Scroll down to find rtSurvey and tap on it to see details about rtSurvey. Tap on the Permissions heading. You can now grant all of the permissions that will be needed.

You can also use Settings application to grant a permission after denying it or to revoke a previously-granted permission.