Getting Started With REAL-TIME SURVEY

This document walks you through a very basic setup process, to get you familiar with using rtSurvey.

You will:

Register rtSurvey and rtCloud

We support educational products by giving students credits to use rtSurvey free of charge.

  • If you are a student, you can contact RTA to obtain Free Credits.
  • If you are a professional, you can obtain your own rtSurvey instances at

See also

How to register rtCloud

Create a form with Xlsform

The quickest and easiest way to start using your digital surveys is to create one with Xlsform.

Upload Xlsform to rtCloud

  1. Sign in rtCloud.
  2. Upload the form to rtCloud Form Center.

Create users

  1. Create new user roles (if necessary)
  2. Create new users with specific roles (enumerators, fieldsupervisors, survey owners,…)

See also

/source/rtsurvey/rtsurvey-role-creating Create new user on rtCloud

Assign forms to authorized users

  1. Get Form list
  2. Get User list
  3. Assign forms to specific user roles or users.

Setting up rtSurvey

  1. Install rtSurvey
  2. Register rtSurvey

Fill out a form and upload it to server

  1. Select Fill Form to conduct a survey/interview.
  2. Select Submit to upload your completed surveys/interviews to server.
  3. Now log back into rtCloud and see your completed survey results.