Introduction about xlsform (e-form)

  • E-form (electronic form) is a digitalized version of a paper questionnaire used to collect survey data.

  • E-forms readable by devices like mobile phones or tablets need to in format of XML. To make it easier, we can use Excel to create an Xlsform, then convert it into an XML form. Surveyors who do not use rtSurvey may have to use ODK Xform Converter to convert the Xlsform by themselves. However, rtSurvey users do not need to do this task, because it is already done for them by rtCloud Server.

  • Advantages of e-form

    • Paperless
    • Interactive
    • Time saving
    • Re-entry error free
  • Data quality: is ensured by the logic system of constraints and alerts together with accuracy and flexible calculation…

  • Various type of output: numeric, text, time, date, image, video, audio, GPS, calculation,…

  • Real-time processing speed: data collected from e-form can be transformed immediately into tables, graphs, charts, reports or analytics and sent directly to users, help facilitate the survey monitor and management process.

  • What is needed to create an xlsform? To design an xlsform, you will need the following:

    • Microsoft Excel or equivalent software.
    • An xlsform template following the predefined structure (see Basic Xlsform Designing xlsform-basic-designing_).
    • Optional: Preload files like media files or settings files (see media preload and settings preload for more details).


The Xlsform template is available here: BASIC_XLSFORM_TEMPLATE.xlsx