Welcome to Real-Time Survey Documentation!

Real-Time Survey (rtSurvey) is a survey platform that provides all the needed tools to:

  • run a computer-assisted personal interview (CAPI) survey
  • on mobile devices (Android and iOS)
  • on Internet browsers

The core rtSurvey features are:

  • Form filling
  • Real-time report (based on Rmarkdown and Shiny)
  • Quality assurance (based on R script)
  • Note taking
  • Smart notification
  • Realtime Messaging
  • Offline Maps
  • APIs for integration with other platforms

How is rtSurvey used?

For a quick start, read Getting Started With REAL-TIME SURVEY. In most cases, users of rtSurvey:

  • Create digital surveys using Xlsform.
  • Upload forms to RTA or users’ own host server.
  • Assign forms to authorized users.
  • Use rtSurvey to fill out forms.
  • Read Real-time reports.
  • Check data submission with QA rules.
  • Download final deliverables (including raw CSV, labelled Stata dataset, PDF codebooks)

This requires:

  • rtSurvey Server access established.
  • rtSurvey installed on a smart phone or tablet (both Android and iOS are natively supported).
  • E-form(s) built and assigned to authorized users.